Quick Car tutorial

Puma Trials

Puma Trials was a personal mobility study I did last term at ArtCenter. As a class we searched for new mobile solutions without resorting to the old 4 wheel solution. Enjoy:)

Creative Strategies

One of the greatest classes a young designer can take. it is a designer 101 crash course in which you tackle different design methods. Here is the final booklet to all the weekly projects.

Shoes for thought

Call it a new found goal in my mind. shoe design can be compared to drawing a car but in fact its a lot harder than just that. It will take a while till I fully understand it but Ill give it my best shot.

Best of Viscom 6

Yes the best... A lot of times you gotta go through bad sketches and renderings to get the next one right. Enjoy :)

Another day another design

Week 1 at ArtCenter is always demanding. 40 pages of sketches makes for a good warm up to a new term.