Viscom 5: Week 9 Harley

Before I present this next rendering I must give great credit to David Perry's work, he is a well known hot rod and pin-up photographer, This rendering came from the great imagery he provides in his books as well as his website "", and so I just wanted to get the same feeling I get from his work and implement it into mine.

Viscom 5: Week 1-3 killer sketch weeks

Yea I know Im goin backwards but just thought I could post up a sample of sketches, yes I mean a sample considering we had 30 pages of sketches due each week.

Color and story: Week 8 South Campus

This time around I really wanted to see what else I may be capable of away from trans design. Color is something that I feel that lacked in my work. This was my chance to get out of my comfort zone and try something out, This class does deal a lot with story and characters so the first thing I had to do was learn how to draw in a different manner. Here is our timeline assignment which is suppose to implament a story that carries out from noon to sunset.

Viscom 5: Week 8 the boulevard

Starting up the Blog again on a good note

Its been a while since Ive posted. 5th term is turning out to be pretty good. With 5th term review and internships just around the corner I realy wanted to focus on improving my stuff to be able to compete with my peers and friends. thanks to all who have supported me along the way.