Viscom 4: Week 1-4 Newsprint

Had a lil extra time so I wanted to touch some of my old work.

Viscom 4: Week 5 Engine Assignment

Hondola Ra300

Engine rendering was made with 4 and a half sheets of
newsprint. It measured up to be 8.5'x2.5' and was done
with black gouache and chalk.

Viscom 4: Week 4 Engine Assignment cont.

Viscom 4: Week 4 Engine Assignment

For the engine assignment I chose to use the Hondola Ra300
because I just love this car. I firts saw it in Japan. Yes I was
lucky enough to go to japan. It was in the Honda museum in
the Twin Ring Motegi race track.

The Engine rendering will be roughly 3'x9'

Viscom 4: Week 2

Havent had much time to update but here's a lil tease.