Starting Fresh

Happy New Year everyone!

Well its the start of a new year and the end of my vacation.
The last few weeks have allowed me to relax and spend
time with family and friends and a bit of time playing
video games to tell you the truth. Now with one week left
until school starts its time to put away the playstation,
unplug the cable and get to doing some serious work. So
whats in store for the future?

It will be my fourth term being at ArtCenter completing
my first year there. I will be taking taking 4 to 5 classes
this time around which will give me time sketch more
often and keep this blog up to date posting up old and new
work. I have a couple of projects in progress that im
looking into improving and expanding so look out for teases
and sneak peaks of them as I work on them. I worked a bit
on sketching for fun and tried out photoshop and got a bit
of work done over the chritsmas break. I am working on
redesigning my exterior project to have it ready for when I
take it to clay. As for now its off to sketch i go always working
on something new. Please feel free to leave comments and
questions and check back soon.

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